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The athletic program at Prince of Peace Christian School is an integral part of our student life. The POPCS Athletic Department strives daily to provide opportunities for challenging teamwork, focused individual athletic development, and competition at a high level. POPCS student-athletes are held accountable to the highest standards of personal, and academic behavior and have a long history of representing our school in positive and constructive ways through the consistent application of accountability, humility, integrity and relentlessness.  The passionate support of our student-body, and community as a whole maintains a rich, and rewarding experience for all those involved in athletics at POPCS. Those methods and values are in place to further the mission of our institution, provide for the guidance of our student-athletes, as well as reinforce and strengthen our community and our relationship with The Lord.




The Arena--Coming Fall 2022

Alex Pena

Alex Pena

Co-Athletic Director, Upper School
Chad Henke

Chad Henke

Co-Athletic Director, Middle School

Athletics News