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Fine Arts

The POPCS Fine Arts faculty share the common goal of creating an environment that helps students grow artistically, intellectually, and personally in their studies. Whether students dream of pursuing a professional career in the arts or to develop an appreciation for the arts, every Fine Arts student receives a balanced and comprehensive program of instruction in the arts. The study of techniques, processes and experience form a foundation for thinking about their own uniqueness and their God-given gifts. 

The Prince of Peace Christian School Fine Arts Center houses a 500-seat contemporary theater, band, choir and theater halls with private practice rooms, and art studio. The POPCS Art Gallery displays student works throughout the year and is located in the lobby of the Fine Arts Center.   

With numerous opportunities for hand-on creation, performance, tech, and studies the award-winning POPCS Fine Arts department celebrates the creative disciplines.


Visual Arts

The art program at POPCS begins in preschool in the Preschool Atelier.  Children are introduced to visual arts through sensory and expressive art activities, utilizing a variety of art mediums.  The Lower School art program offers comprehensive hands-on art classes through an art curriculum that combines art history with technique.  In Middle and Upper School art classes, students have the opportunity to explore drawing, painting, design, ceramics, sculpture, and art history.  Research, design, fabrication, exhibition, analysis and critique of student works are essential components of the curriculum.  Students compete annually in PSIA and TAPPS art competitions, with numerous works cited for excellence.



POPCS is proud to support an award-winning theatre department.  Theatre classes begin for students in Grades 4 and 5.  Performing arts classes, focusing on the production processes and techniques of acting, technical theatre, and theatre history, are offered to students in Middle and Upper School.  Upper school students have the opportunity to focus on the technical elements such as set construction, lighting and costuming in our stagecraft classes, or they may hone their acting skills in our Actor's Studio course.  The POP Theatre Company offers many performance opportunities:  Middle School Musical, Upper School Musical, TAPPS One Act Play, Middle School One Act Play, Songs I'll Never Sing Cabaret, Junior Directs, POP of Talent, and chapel performances.



Students are introduced to instruments through music enrichment classes in Lower School.  The Band program is officially introduced in Grades 4 and 5.  The POPCS Eagle Band offers many performance and competition opportunities:  PEP Band, Drumline, Annual Christmas Concert, Upper School Musical Pit Band, statewide and regional competitions, POP Night of Percussion, and the POP Music & Arts Fest.

Music & Choir

Weekly music classes teach children to appreciate and love music through song, movement, musical games, and instruments in Preschool and Lower School.  Middle School students can continue to develop individual vocal and choral skills through learning and performing various types of music in Choir.  Show Choir classes are offered in the Upper School.  Students perform in several concerts throughout the year and participate in the regional and state TAPPS vocal and choir competition.  The POP Music program offers many performance opportunities:  Annual Christmas Concert, Upper School Musical, POP Music & Arts Fest, and chapel performances throughout the year.

Digital Media

Students are introduced to digital communication and creativity as early as Kindergarten in our SmartLab.  In Middle School, students learn the basics of video production through DigiMedia classes in our state-of-the-art production studio.  Upper School students are offered continued opportunities with Video Production, Graphic Design, and Photography classes.  Students use the latest production equipment and editing software to create and produce videos and short films, ultimately developing advanced knowledge and skills needed for careers in the arts, audio/video technology, and communications.




Upper School students develop and expand their skills in producing both artistic and commercial photographs using digital DSLR cameras and equipment.  Students learn to take photos following rules of composition, light, exposure, and elements of art and principles of design.  Photo editing and processing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are used to create and produce the award winning POPCS yearbook.  Students participate in the TAPPS Photography and Yearbook competitions each year.




Culinary Arts

Students learn the fundamentals of the art of cooking and the science of baking in this course. Classes explore the principles of nutrition, kitchen safety, food preparation, storage, and presentation. Students participate in learning and research as well as actual hands-on cooking experiences.   Through professional chef visits and field trips, students learn about the food service industry.