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THE ARTS - Middle School
Our POPCS Fine Arts faculty share the common goal of creating an environment that helps students grow artistically, intellectually, and personally in their studies.  Whether students dream of pursuing a professional career or to develop an appreciation for the arts, every Fine Arts student receives a balanced and comprehensive program of instruction in the arts. The study of techniques, processes and experience form a foundation for thinking about their own uniqueness and their God-given gifts. 
The Prince of Peace Christian School Fine Arts Center houses a 500-seat contemporary theatre as well as band, choir and theatre halls with private practice rooms and art studio.  The POPCS Art Gallery displays student works throughout the year and is located in the lobby of the Fine Arts Center.   
With numerous opportunities for hands-on creation, performance, tech, and fine arts studies, the award-winning POPCS Fine Arts department celebrates the creative disciplines.
Prince of Peace Christian School has an award-winning POPCS Upper School Arts Program that features theatre, choir, band, and visual arts. Offerings include art, band, choir, acting, performance, and technical theatre. Throughout the year our fine arts department participate in numerous competitions such as:
TAPPS One-Act Play Regional and State Band Competitions
TAPPS Vocal Competitions
Schmidt & Jones High School
Musical Theatre Awards
PSIA One-Act Play The Dallas Summer Musicals - High School Musical Theatre Awards
Rachel DuPree, Fine Arts Chair
Email 972.598.1120 
Gio Washington, POPCS Band Director Email 972.598.1115
Megan Aguilar, Art Director Email 972.598.1122
Jami Calatozzo, Choir Director Email 972.598.1116
Joanna Lawson, Yearbook, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design Email 972.598.1081
Nick Weiss, Digi Media and Technology Email 972.598.1087
THE ARTS SCHOOL - An after-school program
The Arts School at Prince of Peace offers private lessons (ages 3 through adult) in brass, guitar, percussion, piano, strings, voice, and woodwinds, as well as group classes in choir, drama, piano, ukulele, viola, and violin. All instruction is held on the school campus. Enrollment in The Arts School is available online at www.theartsschool.org. For more information, visit the website or contact the Director of The Arts School Marci Dittmer.