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Tuition Assistance

It is our hope to serve you and your family at Prince of Peace Christian School & Early Learning Center (POPCS). If you are considering applying for financial aid for the 2018-2019 school year, we have listed some steps that you will find helpful in this process.

The POPCS Financial Aid Program was established to assist families on a temporary financial need-basis (maximum 5 years of aid to any family - evaluated annually) structured for students in kindergarten through Grade 12. It is intended to be a short-term bridge for families who are experiencing temporary financial hardships. The criteria used to determine financial aid assistance is based on an inability of a student’s family to pay full tuition to attend POPCS. To determine this, we outsource information and data collection to FACTS Management Company to help the POPCS Financial Aid Committee evaluate a family’s specific needs.
Due to limited financial aid funds, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Applications are considered in the order in which they are received. POPCS financial aid assistance is distributed (up to 50% of tuition cost) until the fund is depleted for each school year. We also ask that you make sure that all the information required is provided and answered completely. If the committee needs additional clarification, it can delay the award process.
The steps and items that you will need to know and provide are:

1. For New Students - Complete the POPCS New Student School Application and pay application fee of $125. An application may be found online at If your child is accepted to POPCS, you will receive an acceptance letter via email from our Admissions Office.
Financial Aid will be considered for new families once the student has been accepted and has paid the registration and facility fees. For Returning Students - Complete the POPCS Re-enrollment Application and pay the registration fee. You will receive information regarding re-enrollment by mail soon after the Christmas Holidays. Re-enrollment is open and is on-line through RenWeb. Financial Aid Applications cannot be considered until re-enrollment is complete and fees are paid.
2. Complete the FACTS online application for aid assessment and pay the $30 application fee at . The on-line application will open on January 2, 2019. All parts of the application must be completed.

3. As soon as you have completed your FACTS online application, submit supporting documents:
- Copies of your most recent Federal tax forms including all supporting tax schedules.
- Copies of your 2017 W-2 forms for both you and your spouse.
- Copies of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation, and TANF.
All supporting documentation can be uploaded in pdf format online. Documentation can also be faxed to 866.315.9264 or mailed to the address below. Please be sure to include the applicant ID on all faxed or mailed correspondence.
FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment
P.O. Box 82524
Lincoln, NE 68501-2524
If you have questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 866.441.4637.
The financial aid consideration and award process generally takes between 3-4 weeks if all documents are provided but can take longer based on the number of financial aid applications received. Delays in providing supporting documents will result in a delay of consideration of the application.
If financial aid is not granted or if the amount awarded is not enough to permit your child to attend POPCS, the registration and enrollment fees will be refunded at 90% upon withdrawal, per the POPCS Financial Aid Policy. The POPCS New Student School Application Fee is not refundable.
Please know that financial aid funds are limited and that needs have increased over the years. For this reason we require that you see your circumstance as temporary and are planning accordingly. After 5 years, even qualifying financial aid applications will not be considered so we can serve others in need.
We hope to have the opportunity to work with you and your child in the 2018-2019 school year.