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POPCS relies deeply on our volunteers to be the hands and feet of our school and it's mission. We are thankful for our volunteers of their time, energy, and talents.
Our volunteers are involved in the events at POPCS that make our school so special. By volunteering they have the unique opportunity to not only reflect the love of Christ through their service, but impact the lives of our children. To log your volunteer hours on RenWeb, follow these easy instructions.
If you are new to our POPCS community, welcome!  We look forward to meeting and partnering with you. If you are one of the many volunteers who give countless hours of service, we thank you for your continued generosity and support.  
There are so many ways to become involved at POPCS. Please fill out the volunteer survey to help us gather information about the areas where you might be interested in helping. For more information on serving at POPCS, click here.
You are the HEART of our school!
In His Service,
Sheri Land
POPCS Volunteer & Events Coordinator