Portrait of a Graduate

Growing in Knowledge

The POPCS graduate is college-ready and life-ready, with a desire for intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth. They have a creative mind open to new ideas and diverse perspectives.

Walking in Faith

The POPCS graduate has a firm understanding of Jesus Christ and His ministry and has had the opportunity to grow in the Christian faith through discipleship, fellowship, and service.

Leading With Courage & Compassion

The POPCS graduate is active in their workplace, church, and community. They lead with courage and conviction, knowing who they are and "Whose" they are, as well as compassion, recognizing other cultures, perspectives, and strengths.

Seeking To Serve

The POPCS graduate meaningfully participates in making better wherever God places them. Appreciating how they are blessed, they embrace their responsibility to make a difference for others while pursuing their God-given passions.