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The tuition and fees paid by POPCS families cover the mission-critical expenses of an education. The Eagle Fund ensures that POPCS reaches its full potential by enhancing the day-to-day experience of its students and faculty. Each year, hundreds of POPCS community members make gifts to the Eagle Fund, and every gift is directly invested back into our school. By supporting the Eagle Fund, a family not only makes an immediate impact on the experience of our students but also expresses a belief in the mission of POPCS and confirms their commitment to the next generation of POPCS students. We hope you will make POPCS one of your philanthropic priorities and choose to support the Eagle Fund.  

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POPCS has supported our family through good times and bad. We love the school’s values and academics, and the way the staff nurtures our grandsons. We are also impressed by what the boys have learned about their walk with Christ, caring about others, being respectful, and developing a Godly character, all of which makes supporting the school an easy decision.”Tommy & Scottie, POPCS Grandparents


2022 - 2023  Participation by Constituent

(As of October 3, 2022)

2022-2023 Eagle Fund Cabinet

Susanne & Bill Walsh

Michele Thatcher
Board of Directors

Allison & Joe Whitmer
Penelope & Brian Yanus
Grade 1

Kathryn & Ben Hardman
Rachel & Jarrod Hood
Ashley & Dillon Thomas
Grade 2

Michelle & Mike Lane
Sara & Erik Wynkoop
Grade 3

Autumn & Jordan Amyx
Rebecca & Richard Kemp
Grade 4

Lulu & Matt Chalmers
Leah & Andrew Marshall
Grade 5

Heather & Alpesh Patel
Andrea & Alan Stock
Whitney & Michael Yelm
Grade 6

Tami Bennett
Lorrie & Joe Garrett
Grade 7

Lisa & Uman Bakshi
Christy & Matt Murphy
Grade 8

Erin & Brock Baldwin
Sally & Dave Cram
Jennifer & Jeremy Smallwood
Grade 9

Kaci & Eddie Castro
Debbie & David Kelly
Darci & Micah Miller
Grade 10

Azita Carr
Emma Irwin
Deedra & Kris Scherm
Grade 11

Susan & Mark Luehrs
Monica & Les Pritchett
Tamara & Kevin Summers
Grade 12