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Upper School


POPCS is a caring, grace-filled Christian community. Our faith-based school culture and intentional smaller size allows students to explore their interests and aptitudes in academics, athletics, arts, leadership, spirituality, and much more.


The Upper School is a place where students are fully known and supported as they discover their passions and develop skills as a leader. The faculty and administration value each student's unique nature and are dedicated to their academic success. One-on-one relationships between faculty and students are Prince of Peace Christian School's trademark.  


Our students are connected and involved. There are countless opportunities and ways to discover leadership abilities, through student-led clubs, community service projects, athletics, on the stage, or in the classroom. These opportunities are designed to cultivate a well-rounded person. With a comprehensive approach to learning, we reach the whole student - mind, body, and spirit. 


Students can choose from our foundational college preparatory classes, honors classes, Advanced Placement classes, or a combination of all three as they chart an individual path that meets their own needs and goals. Our advisory program guides students through the education process and produces dramatic results, initially in self-discovery and academic performance, and ultimately, in college acceptances and lifelong success.