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We Help Your Child Learn By Doing

We know that young children learn by doing, so the Preschool provides hands-on activities and close interaction with teachers. The curriculum is carefully planned with fun activities that promote cognitive development and creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Most importantly, through these fun activities, children begin to develop a love for learning.

The nurturing Christian environment in our private preschool provides the setting for each child to continue to grow, not only in knowledge, but in their relationship with God.  

Why Send Your Child to a Christian Preschool?

As a parent, you want your child to feel safe, cared for, and primed to learn during their first classroom experience. The curriculum and environment at a quality Christian preschool like ours can set the stage for a future academic career full of success. There are many benefits to attending a private Christian preschool over a traditional public program.

A Christian preschool will emphasize core values like love, empathy, and respect for others, integrating them smoothly and thoroughly into all aspects of your child's day-to-day activities. The development of critical thinking skills is also highly valued and prioritized because we understand that in today's society Christians will benefit from being articulate and rational about their faith. If you would like to be an active part of your child's schooling, parental involvement is welcomed here.

Your Child Will Be Supported By a Large, Strong Christian Community

Our mission thrives on cooperation between teachers, staff, students, parents, and the Lord. The support of a large and strong Christian community in your child's life is another immeasurable benefit gained by attending Prince of Peace. Our students constantly witness good values being demonstrated by those around them. 

Meet the Preschool Team

The daily course of study in preschool utilizes the latest research and practices in literacy, phonics, language development, math, science, art, and physical and social development skills, in a Christ-centered environment.