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Early Learning Center

Serving Children Ages 6 Weeks - 2 Years

A Christ-centered alternative to traditional daycare

At Prince of Peace, we take great pride in being a family. We desire to instill the love of Christ in your child through play, prayer, music and worship while teaching your child to become an independent thinker, an environmental explorer and a lifelong learner.

The Early Learning Center is devoted to the developmental needs of children from six weeks through two years old. Unlike an ordinary daycare environment, we provide a setting that stimulates early developmental growth, encourages sensory play and prepares children as they begin to learn about God.  The program partners with families to keep them informed, involved, and up-to-date in their child's daily activities and developmental progress.

We guide your child through their most formative developmental stages

Infants have many sensory opportunities that will encourage investigation of sight, sound, touch, smell and movement. The environment stimulates the senses and enhances curiosity. Language development is introduced by baby signs, music and early literacy activities. Early education emphasizes exploration and self-expression while learning to develop relationships and build trust. As infants become toddlers, they begin a more structured program that leads to the discovery of “I can do this.” Children begin to have a sense of self-being as they prepare for the transition to preschool.

Beyond the academic and social successes, something more fundamental exists in the Early Learning Center: a connection that reaches far beyond the classroom. Lifelong relationships are developed between families, teachers, and friends as students grow in God’s love.

Keesha Koehler

Keesha Koehler

Early Childhood Director

Early Learning Center Classes