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POPCS provides a Christ-centered exemplary education equipping students for leadership, service, and success.
We believe in sharing God’s love in a challenging world and, as such, we do not require a statement of faith to be a part of the POPCS community.
The Prince of Peace Christian School and Early Learning Center (POPCS) community serves families with children from 6 weeks – grade 12 who want an outstanding educational experience in a diverse and caring environment for their children. POPCS is an award-winning school that values academics, personal passions, and faith. Prince of Peace Christian School prepares children and young adults to be citizens of the world through encouraging creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.   
The school’s strong academic programs both challenge and nurture students, empowering them to flourish in school and life.  With a curriculum focus in Literacy, Math, Science and Technology, Prince of Peace continues to exceed national averages in test scores in all levels. Prince of Peace cultivates Christ-like character while delivering academic excellence and inspiring individual passions in such areas as the arts, athletics, robotics, and service for students. At Prince of Peace, children have the opportunity to courageously explore, develop, and apply the gifts that God has given them.
Our Commitment 
Every student at POPCS is:
We prepare students academically, nurture them in the Christian faith, challenge them to be upright citizens in their communities, and equip them to accomplish meaningful work that helps others. At Prince of Peace Christian students grow in knowledge, walk in faith, lead with courage and compassion, and seek to serve others.

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At A Glance

  • RISE UP EAGLES! 2020-2021 Learning Options: Choose from On-Campus Learning, Hybrid Learning, or Distance Learning Models. POPCS is an award winning school nationally recognized for innovative leadership, academics, and spiritual development.
  • 27-Acre Campus with POPCS SmartLab ©, Fine Arts Center, Eagles Sport Complex & Stadium, 12 Acres of Sports Field, and Grandpa Pfeil Robotics Workshop, and Student Education Gardens, and Indoor and Outdoor Classrooms.
  • 600+ students throughout campus. Low teacher to student ratio with personalized student focus. Apple Initiative classrooms; Labs in Preschool through Grade 4, 1:1 in Grades 5-12. Grades Preschool through Grade 12 are 100% Distance Learning online capable.
  • Since 2002, $54,850,962 awarded in Scholarships. POPCS graduates are accepted to prestigious state, public, private, liberal arts, career, military academies, and community colleges both nationally and internationally. We know that there are different paths to success for each individual. Our Academic and College Guidance department, in Middle and Upper school, works with each student and family to determine and assist in meeting academic and life goals after Upper School.
  • Enrichment & Competition Opportunities; 100+ Academic and Social Clubs, Societies, Robotics, Arts Organizations and Athletic Teams Offered in Lower, Middle, and Upper School. At POPCS, we encourage participation in clubs to foster creative thinking, to work effectively with others, and improve communication skills.
  • Advanced Placement, Honors, Dual-Credit Classes, and Academic and College Guidance available to students. Prestigious AP Capstone Degree offered in Upper School. Full-time Care and Concern Counseling available to support and encourage students.

POP Quotes

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Prince of Peace Christian School has provided a great learning environment for my children who have been at the school since early learning. I have observed growth year by year with academic maturity of the students at POPCS. One of the areas that is quite impressive from our middle school children is the development of communication skills where the kids are confident to speak in front of teachers, peers, family, and friends. I was also pleased to see the continuation of the school year through virtual learning resulting from COVID-19. I am proud to say that I have my children associated with POPCS and know that their achievements thus far through middle school has established them for success in the future in whatever God chooses for them. -Eric G., Middle School Parent
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In 2013, I was on a mission to find the best preschool for my daughter. The moment I walked into Prince of Peace, I knew I was home and this is where she belonged. What I found was a Christ-centered environment with teachers and staff that not only had a love for Christ, but for my daughter as well. My daughter is now entering Grade 4 this year and I’ve seen through the years that she is receiving a solid academic education, spiritual growth and friendships, all that continue to grow. -Tami B., Lower School Parent
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My little guy started with POPCS in their Early Learning Center when he was just 6 weeks old and I don't think he could be loved any more outside of our home. The environment is so warm and loving - he runs right in to play with his friends and give hugs to his teachers every morning. We are definitely blessed to have been able to secure a spot for our little guy.
–Cori P., Preschool Parent
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POPCS maintains a culture of academic rigor and grace-filled acceptance. Our students are enthusiastic, engaged, and involved. Our faculty and staff are professional, compassionate, and dedicated.
-Linda J., POPCS Teacher
Kelly G
Exceptional faculty and staff, friendly faces at all grade levels, warm and caring community, always improving facilities. Can't ask for a better school for our kids!
–Kelly G., Lower School Parent
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Prince of Peace gave me the best of everything it had to offer. Academically, socially, and athletically POPCS gave me the opportunity to chase my dreams and accomplish my goals!
-POPCS Alumni