Admissions 2011


International Student Guidelines and Requirements

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  1. Prince of Peace Christian School will consider international applicants.
    1. Prince of Peace will not accept, admit, or issue an I-20 to students in preschool.
    2. Lower school students (Kindergarten through 5th grade) must live with a parent.
    3. Middle and High School students (6th – 12th grade) may live with either a blood relative or host family. High school students should review TAPPS regulations regarding eligibility requirements when considering a host family. Host families must be arranged by the student’s family.
    4. At least one adult in the home must have satisfactory English skills in order to communicate with the school. POPCS strongly encourages the use of English only in the home to further assist the student in learning the English language.
    5. Host family must meet with and be approved by POPCS administration.
  2. Each family is responsible for their own financial and housing arrangements, as well as transportation to and from school.
  3. POPCS must be notified IMMEDIATELY if the host family changes. Additional paperwork will be required.
  4. Students must demonstrate English proficiency through either the SLEP, TOEFL, or iTEP SLATE testing. Testing should be arranged by the student and scores submitted with other required paperwork.
  5. POPCS does not have an ESL program. Assignments and curriculum will not be modified in any way, and teachers will not provide additional assistance to students due to lack of English proficiency. Students must be proficient enough in English to fully participate and communicate in the classroom. Parent/guardian understands that outside tutoring must be provided immediately if requested by POPCS and/or if student is struggling with the English language.
  6. Applicants must complete the POPCS admissions process, submit all international student forms, and be accepted before the SEVIS I-20 can be issued.
  7. Requirements of both POPCS and Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) must be met in order for the SEVIS I-20 to be issued. Contact your regional immigration office for specific information.
  8. Upon acceptance, POPCS will issue the SEVIS I-20 after tuition agreement is signed and payment of $2,000 international student fee and $1,000 registration fee are received.
  9. Tuition must be paid in full by June 1, 2017. Students will not be permitted to start school if tuition and fees are not paid in full prior to the first day of school.
  10. All first year international students are automatically placed on a probationary status during their first academic school year at POPCS. Before a student can re-enroll and/or progress to the next grade level, student will be assessed and/or tested to be sure student is progressing both academically and with English proficiency.
  11. Should the student’s English proficiency skills not be acceptable by the end of the student’s first school year, student will not be re-enrolled, even though passing grades may have been obtained on the report card.
  12. For subsequent years, the tuition and fees must be paid in full before the SEVIS I-20 program date is extended and new I-20 is issued. Reenrollment takes place in January each year. International students should re-enroll for the following year no later than March 1. The annual $1,000 registration fee is due upon reenrollment.
  13. POPCS expects international students to commit to attending POPCS for a minimum of two academic years if re-enrollment is granted.
  14. Students must fulfill the requirements for graduation as set in the Student/Parent Handbook. Credits from student’s home country can be transferred (upon review and approval of administrators) and applied toward graduation requirements. Students must submit a translated transcript that includes credits and grades. Students must take a minimum of 6 required classes while enrolled at POPCS and be enrolled full time.
  15. High school students must inform POPCS about graduation and post-high school plans.

Regulations Related to TAPPS Participation

Prince of Peace Christian School is a member of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) and comes under their rules and regulations related to participation in athletic, academic, and fine arts competitions.

Carefully review the TAPPS bylaws, section 102, Eligibility of Foreign Students for more information.

In order to immediately compete in varsity level TAPPS events, international students in grades 9-12 must be living with a family member. (affidavit from blood relative required) Students in grades 9-12 must submit the TAPPS Foreign Student Application for Participation and be approved by TAPPS prior to participation. If a student is enrolled at POPCS and is found ineligible to participate in TAPPS competitions, that student will not be permitted to participate in academic, fine arts, and athletic competitions sponsored by TAPPS. Should the host family change, a new Foreign Student Application must be completed and submitted by the new host family and parents immediately. Eligibility may be affected.